Dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters.

We sell quality products to support pets and build a new home for the abandoned ones. That's our vision and we believe that with help from YOU buying our products we make it happen much sooner. We work in team and it is a daily motivation for everyone to become a better person!

We are friendly team. We are 4LeggedPets, welcome in our official store!  

At 4 Legged Pets we treat animals as family.

Many pets have already their homes and some of them are still in shelters. But that's nothing comparing to those which are abandoned on the streets. Mostly they don't have any support, any family. They are just alone and we want to change that!

Project F.E.A.S.T.

It's one of our most ambitious vision, which can help to many of our furry friends which has been abandoned or never felt the warm of home. Food, Emergency, Aid, Shelter and Training. Everything on what we are focused. We want to give them love which any animal being deserves. Thats our main goal and like we said before ... It's also in Your hands! You can support them through the support of us.

"Every animal has a right to be happier!"

That's our motto! We're 4 friends, which get an idea during pandemic and we decided to make e-shop for pets.
We've been working hard during whole year to finally bring you our official store!

Our main goal is earn money by selling items for pets from which we'll always take 5% and this amount of money will go to the shelters as a support for abandoned furry friends!

So meet our founders Tomas, Natalia, Mario, Vaclav and theirs four legged pets 🐱🐰🐶

Try us for them - get everything they need in
our starter set.